Lugano (Switzerland) – Nursery

Creating a modern nursery room for a baby could be a difficult task in 12 square meters. Especially if one of the walls is completely occupied by a closet and one other by a floor to ceiling window. And as the future parents were waiting to find out the baby’s gender only at birth, together we came up with a neutral, fresh and quite flexible design, adding warmth and personality without defining the space as a boys or girls room.

The furniture arrangement, the color palette and theme of the project should are meant to be flexible, allowing parents to make some personal touches once they bring their baby home. Neutral colors in their paler shades such as gray, beige, yellow and green have a positive impact on the mood of the newborn. The use of soft tones and natural colors have a calming effect.

The green daybed with a practical under mattress storage still lets the light inside of a room, beautifully solving a non-conventional floor plan issue, with only two usable walls, leaving space to play and crawl around.

For this project, along with the owners, we have designed a custom-made changing table, combined with a dresser and a nice mini-wardrobe for hanging cloths. For their convenience on the one hand, we have added a small pull-out worktop, which can be used to have on hand the products you need when changing the baby. On top of it, together we have created an accent wall gallery composition. Each poster, picked personally by the future mother, framed in a clean line crisp white frame, stand out on a pale gray wall. Stars and trees accessory theme is perfect for keeping neutral the concept of the nursery, which in combination with the printed pattern on the pillows and a bed throw pulls up together all the basic colors used in the room, making it unique. By the way it’s a boy!

Photo By: Andrey AK