Project Description

Lakeside villa, Lugano. Interior decoration project, 2019

Located on the banks of Lugano lake this house was built in mid 50’s 360 sq. m. property spread on 4 floors, was recently renovated by swiss studio Bauer Krieger architetti.

After a couple of years living inside the house, the family members decided to set up a more thought of interior, combining existing furniture and decoration, аccording to their lifestyle.

Started from a kid’s room, the project then embraced the whole house. With the help of architect and interior designer Maria Duborkina, a number of spaces like living area, master and guest bedroom, an entertainment room on the mansard floor finally took a finished shape.

The owners of the house appreciate good sound and design, for this reason the house is rich in music equipment and furniture from all over the world.

The design goal of this decoration project lies in carefully studying the colors and materials palette – individually for each space, to give the interior uniformity and works on the integrity of the image, blending in existing interior design and furniture with the new.

All hues found around the house: the shades of greys and whites in the living area are underlined by custom oak paneling, rigorous and playful at the same time – the wood grains follow different angles and create motion. Handmade Nepalese carpets in wool, hemp and bamboo, as well as double window treatments in linen help soften the acoustics.

Designed especially for the project cabinets, bedside tables, the console in the bedroom and guest wardrobe – connected with the same wood finish, all have necessary proportions to feel just right in the space.

The oval staircase ornate by a handmade pendant glass chandelier brings to the top floor, hosting a cinema room with a bar. The colors here are denser, like deep waters of Lugano lake seen from the windows. The soft carpet and acoustic ceilings are perfect to enjoy a cinema like experience at home.

Thanks to carefully chosen soft textiles, textured fabrics, wallpaper, curtains and carpets, everything here is relaxing and creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere of a leisurely life in the house by the lake.